An “off” year

I realize it has been way too long a time since my last post and I do appreciate the forbearance.

As most of you know if you have been following the news from Speedweek 2019, it was, to put it mildly, an off year.  Even the latest HotRod Magazine called it such.

Once the trailer and personnel were loaded up we headed west.  The first stop was for gas in a very tiny Iowa town.  It just so happened that a National Guard caravan headed for Camp Douglas in Wisconsin had pulled in just before us.  While we weren’t in competition for the diesel pumps, every other soldier hopped into the attached convenience store and blew up the credit card processing gear.

Once we were on our way, it was onto York, Nebraska to meet up with Sam Wills and Bruno. The plan was to hand off the trailer and Sam pull it the rest of the way to Bonneville. It was a good thing the marker lights worked on the trailer because you couldn’t really tell that the trailer was even behind the semi.



Pulling in to the truck stop we met up and when the trailer was hooked on and the lights checked the first bit of fun ensued.  An extra ground wire was needed to the trailer as Sam’s rig was set up for a bit different setup. A bit of wire, some connectors and off we went.

It was in western Nebraska that we decided to stop for dinner. A rather leisurely pace of service bordering on glacial allowed us plenty of time to stretch.

Headed into the sunset we started up the grade into the mountains.


One of my favorite night time views is the Sinclair refinery on the north side of I-80.

On into the morning, we gassed up in Salt Lake City and headed westward. This is the second longest feeling stretch of the trip because you are very ready by that time to be at the salt flats. Twenty four hours plus in the Suburban, even with good friends, can get to be a loooong time.

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