Thank you to everyone who has made this project possible.

Away Team 2007:

Jim Haraughty (coaching and procurement)
Bob Crook (rig driver, gear and mechanicals)
Chris (Louie) Lamour (mechanicals)

Home Team 2007:

Fred Weege (motors and electronics)
Nick Moore (wheels, tires and suspension)
Steve Dale (paint and bodywork)
Bill Shields (trailer and procurement)
my wife Patty (patience and sense of humor)

Without both of these groups’ efforts, the project never would have gotten off the ground.

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  1. Hi Ducati team USA,

    first I would like to introduce us. We are a former Ducati Drag-Race team that after some years of retirement decided to go chassing the record at Bonneville.
    We saw your front fender and are curious wether you would sell one to our new team. Feel welcome to check our homepage at http://www.nowsalt.de to see how far we already have come.
    Sorry that this page is in german language but I’m pretty surfe that photos can also tell a good story.
    thanks in advance for your help.
    best wishes

    1. mcperf says:


      We apologize for not responding sooner to your request – we are not accustomed to checking the comments on this blog and didn’t see this until now… if we had seen it sooner we would certainly have made you a fender! The original was pieced together from several different fenders to create something unique, and we made a mold from it to cast additional ones for Team MS (Jim Haraughty) and for another racer out in Idaho. The fender on your bike looks great – I’m glad that you were able to get/make one!

      We saw your website for your Bonneville project – Congratulations on your record!!! The bike looks fantastic, a beautiful paint job and nice bike design. 170.715 mph is excellent! Really well done, and isn’t is such an amazing place to race? The salt is so incredible…

      Again, we are so sorry for not seeing this sooner – it wasn’t meant to be insulting, we just forgot to look at the comments!

      Next year (2013) we will be at the World Finals in October, if your team is planning to be out here at that time we would be glad to meet you and say hello! Are you planning to come out to the Salt Flats again?

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