Progress, albeit slowly…….


DSC01728We are in the process of reassembling the turbo bike chassis and engine. Fred got the main section of the bottom end together last week and once on its wheels, required a complete overhaul of the front brakes.  Brakes at Bonneville are an option in our classes, but make loading and unloading much less exciting.  The thing that needs to be kept in mind is that as important as the brakes are to work, releasing properly is even more important. A little drag can manifest itself as a major problem with the sustained high speeds and the lack of traction on the salt.  Drag rears its ugly head as an eventual locking up of the front wheel and the ensuing entertainment. The caliper needed all new pistons and seals, and all the mechanical pivots in the master cylinder needed to be taken apart and cleaned out as they were all sticky and corroded despite the numerous cleanings since our return. All is right with the world now.  The throttle is another aspect of maintenance that also needs to unwork as well (or better) than working, for obvious reasons. We are hoping to get the rest of the motor together and in the frame next week to allow for the reassembly of the fuel system and electrics to begin. The injectors just came back today, so the throttle bodies can be reassembled. There was justified concern that can be seen on the data sheet from RC with spray pattern and sealing issues.  Now they are as good as new. The concern arose when the bike didn’t start on one cylinder when tested before teardown. While cycling the injectors with the engine ECU (computer) got it running, a fear remained of the very thing shown on the sheet with a compromised sealing and spray pattern when tested on the RC flow bench. These issues were resolved and it is interesting to see that upon comparing the right and left sides of the sheet.  Now to put it all back together again for reinstallation on the bike.

The long bike the long way

The chassis of this bike is most evident in its differences from the side view and when taken in context of the front wheel being just under two feet in diameter, the reason we hang it from the ceiling when not in use.

The long bike, side view

Well it is off to the back to continue the process and try to get a bit more paint work done on the Triton visible in the background. Painting isn’t all bad as the booth needs to be 70 degrees and it is 20 below zero outside.

Stay warm!



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