Here we go again! Bonneville 2019

Well folks here it is February 2019 and we are in the midst of getting ready for another go at the big white dynomometer otherwise known as Bonneville.  I have been conspicuous by my absence and apologize. It has been busy!  Originally we were only going to take the red turbo Ducati, but after talking to Sam Wills we opted to include the nitro injected Ducati.

One of the things that have been keeping us busy is working for Sam on his Top Fuel motorcycle the last four seasons and a full tour those years.

Talking to Sam, he said he always was planning to go back to Bonneville but has not had the time, as the Top Fueler is a huge amount of work.  Sam has ridden our Top Fueler in the past and when I asked if he would be interested in riding the turbo at Bonneville he immediately said yes as one thing on his bucket list is a 200 mph slip from there.  Now mind you he has gone 243 mph on the dragstrip and covered it in 5.88 seconds (I was there for that), but Bonneville is its own deal.

We hadn’t made specific plans to go back, but it started to fall into place and when you get to have a rider of the caliber of Sam Wills and he immediately agrees to ride your bike, it is a big thrill in and of itself.  So now we are in the process of cleaning and servicing the chassis and overhauling the motors.  The record in our class in the SCTA is 231 mph……. We also have the injected bike, which I feel we have a good hot weather tuneup for to chase the SCTA record of 167 mph. Sam bringing some financial help and part of the Top Fuel crew in the person of Bruno and Nate Hill is another plus. Unfortunately the costs to stay at Speed Week has necessitated camping at the bend.  The advantages are we get to see the 400 and 500 mph cars and a whole host of vehicles, along with the unlikeliness of rain. Our list of usual suspects are getting in line for the trip and the huge amount of work leading up to it.DSC01517DSC01696

So we will be asking our sponsors for help once again (don’t run and hide) and here starts the process. A photo or two of the complete bike and then the frame and we will keep you up to speed on the process.  It will be great!DSC01705

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