Shop news

A very busy winter with the addition of Patrick Zeigel to the crew.  Patrick is from the Sun Prairie area and has made numerous trips to Bonneville and holds two land speed records. His varied abilities will be put to the test in the many different projects happening this winter.
A vintage triumph specialist in the person of Allen Jelle rejoins the fray here after a 30 year absence.  His experience with the bikes and vintage automotive platforms gives us a leg up on the jobs here now, including the twin-engined Triumph which has returned to us for further work after an unfortunate mishap on the track.
Relating to the Twin-Engined Triumph (aka “the Double”) is the additional help we are getting from “The Professor” Jim Morin.  We have worked together on various nitro-powered projects over the last fourty years and his expertise in engineering and metallurgy will be pressed into service to try and tame the Double.
Also in the mix is being invited to the “Mama Tried” show in Milwaukee February 24 and 25.  The Blown Nitro Ducati will be our contribution to the displays. It is huge honor to be invited and our first  appearance at this event. Come on out and see the bikes!

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