The Aftermath

We had a big “Thank you” party at the shop on Sunday November 12.  It was great to hand out the gifts to the sponsors and regale them with tales of derring-do.  Over 70 people made their way here and partook of Glass Nickel Pizza, Jacci Ilmenan’s chicken wings and chocolate chip cookies and Bob Rickman’s chocolate cake that nearly took two people to carry in, it was so heavy.

Along with our own efforts, we had the honor of Gary Ilmenan, author of “The Unlikely One”, with to tell his story of a barn-find turned into a record holder.  It is a great tale, showing it isn’t always the big money teams, but often the privateers on a shoestring budget that can make things happen.

Lew Terpstra came with his 1972 Triumph T-120 Bonneville ridden by Bob Crook at Bonneville.  It has qualified for records at least twice, but has yet to seal the deal.  We will be hooting and hollering when it gets back out in 2108.

The entire crew except for Noel Hackbarth made the event and it was great to show them all off.  Past year crew members came as well, adding to the comeraderie.

There are photos on Facebook of the party and I can’t find my copies.  Go figure.

Another highlight was starting the Blown Ducati.  The attending noise and eye-watering fun was truly appreciated by our group of horsepower gourmets!  It did sound good with a couple of changes made after the implementation of the new cylinder head sealing regimen.  The yellow tint in the air added a festive touch, I think.

We finished up the shindig with a couple of friends riding home in the CCCCOLD!  It was less than 20 degrees F outside, but Rob Himmelmann Jr. hopped on and took off on his thirty mile ride home.  Damn!

We had two days to get things squared away in the shop and then it was off to Valdosta, Georgia for the Mancup World Finals.

It has been a madhouse around here lately, hence the delay and spotty blog posts.  I am hoping we have enough time to do the Valdosta race justice, as it was truly a race for the ages, with teams from all over Europe and other continents in attendance.

As a side note, we are interviewing for a Motorcycle technician’s post here at the shop.  Changes in situations have led to a re-shuffling of personnel and the work is still coming in.  A busy winter it appears, with the double returning for a major repair along with a spate of Triumph classics to be worked on.  We are still working on the blown Ducati in an effort to make the rear cylinder happier and quit hurting superchargers.  The parts for a new blower drive system are due in about Christmas time.

I suspect this blog’s direction will be changing for a while, as we are still in the process of deciding our 2018 Bonneville Project directions.  Our sponsors made 2017 possible and we will be looking at asking for help in 2018, so don’t spend everything on Christmas presents or bail money after the office party.

All the best this holiday season from all of us here at the shop.


Bonneville 2017 group


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