Bonneville at Last!!!!!

August 23, 2017

Fast forward to today.

It has been a challenge with 36 boxes of spare parts and supplies to verify and then load up last Saturday.  We got the bikes loaded and are still struggling with a way to keep the long bike from beating up the rear tire in transport due to the extra 200 lbs. of ballast needed for traction.

Valerie Thompson is entered to pilot Dennis Manning’s streamliner #7.  She went 304 last August and they are planning on going for the record which is 376 mph.  I plan to look for that course to use, figuring if it good enough for 376 it will do just fine for a measly 200 and some mph.

Nick will be doing the Facebook thing while we are out there, and BMST, the sanction we are running in, also has their own Facebook page.

Thursday is the final load up of the truck, trailer and support van driven by my long-suffering wife Patty.  She loves to drive and travel and this will be the fifth trip out I-80 since October (this is the first one with me).   She is amazing and I still am filled with a sense of wonder when I get home and my key still works in the front door.

So we still need to find one more bug sprayer for the salt repellant solution and figure how many more things can be loaded in the vehicles, along with nine people (ten coming back) before a tire pops.

We anticipate arriving on the salt Saturday morning about 8 am and that day is to be spent registering and scrutineering (tech inspection) and then to the motel to collapse before arriving back on the salt Sunday August 27 to start the process.

I want to thank you all for the support and encouragement you have provided these last four years.  All the names are on the long bike and we will be working to get photos of them all out at Bonneville.

We will be working to make you proud!

Stay tuned…..





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