Slimey Crud May 2017 Part 2


May 13 Part II  (May 6, 2017 SLIMEY CRUD)

With the bike rolled out and loaded up we made our way out to the Slimey Crud rally.

This proved to be the biggest yet with an estimated 3,000 plus bikes in attendance!  Getting there early allowed a good spot for the truck and trailer and the day was spent renewing old friendships and making new.

Two planned start-ups were part of the plan, and after a couple of corrections, the first effort was successful.  A couple of hundred people made their way to the bike to get a few decibels and a whiff of nitro.


The second start-up was relatively uneventful and we were finally getting into a rhythm in the routine.  The throttle response seemed a bit flatter than earlier, but then we discovered that we had burned up 2 ½ gallons of fuel that day and were running low.

So now we reset the secondary jet can and the barrel valve to hopefully improve the response, get the dashboard talking to the computer, and recheck everything in a week or so.

Rooms at Bonneville are formally reserved as of today and the next step is getting the entries and requisite paperwork finished up. is the link to the site for the sanction we are competing in if you want to follow along with them.

Well, back to the machine shop to continue on another set of spare cylinder heads.

All the best!

Bill W.



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