Oklahoma City: Part 1


Hello to you all!

The last week was a bit of a whirlwind.  Sunday morning at 4:30 am, up and to the airport to fly to Oklahoma City for the planned working for Sam Wills.  I had no idea what to expect, but the adventure began.

Arriving at Will Rogers World Airport (I can just imagine the smirk on Will Rogers’ face “World”?  Come on now) I crossed another threshold.  When coming in I got and read a text!  It did take five tries to get a sentence out to Mitch Brown, who was picking me up.  Of course I walked out to the upper concourse (Departures) while Mitch made laps down below.  A phone call got that set right.  Of course Mitch had to show the text record from me to the immense amusement of everyone at Sam’s shop.  I even added a contact to my phone, another first.  Darned if I am not a little more digital and less analog (thanks to Joe Walsh).

From Sam’s we went to the swap meet and show at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds to collect Nate and Hugo, who were working the sales tables.  It was different to see a format like that again, as it has pretty much died out up north in the Wisconsin area.

Back to the shop and getting ready for what needed to be done was handled and then to Sam’s house for dinner.

Having been up a while that day and with limited coffee, I was feeling a bit slowed down and thought a chance to rest would be welcome.  In the kitchen there is a breakfast bar and I hiked myself up onto the closest chair.  I was just settling in when I heard “Whiz! Get down from there!”  I immediately hopped off the chair, wondering what I had done, when a little tan Chihuahua came jetting out of the back of the house, sliding to a stop in the kitchen when he saw me. Sam’s girlfriend, Kerrie, then appeared at the door and seeing my puzzled look, explained.  The dog was her son’s that she was watching, and its name was Whiz, because he peed on the floor when he got too excited.  Then she remembered that was one of my terms of endearment due to the mystery of how to pronounce my last name.  This caused a bit of consternation and for the rest of my stay, as I had to ask which Whiz was being addressed.

An exceptional spaghetti dinner by Kerrie ensued and early to bed.

(stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!)


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