Plans for 2017

Hello All,

It has been a long time since our last visit and I can only say it has been a bit wild around here since then.

One of the focal points has been nailing down the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials date and that has been declared as August 26 – 31, 2017.  We have been looking at this event, formerly known as the BUB Speed Trials because it isn’t occurring during the high-demand times for motel and support facilities that Speed Week does, in an attempt to sidestep the inflated motel room rates.

The salt during the 2016 BMST event was good enough to allow Valerie Thompson to go over 300 mph in Dennis Manning’s streamliner.  The salt during the SCTA Speed Week event two weeks earlier held up for three to four days and then wasn’t up to the task for the balance of the racing.  Hopefully the salt rebuilding and replenishing, whether from man-made or natural sources, is still on an improving direction.

Further development on the Blown Ducati continues, with the billet engine case design being done by our good friend, Jim Morin.  He is approaching a recognizable model that is step before digitalization, allowing quotes and manufacturing.  Discussions as to stress lines, bridging, fastener sizing and location are part of the ongoing dialog that is needed between the design team and those charged with actually using it.   As soon as the modeling views are available, we will be posting them.

It turns out that a trip to Oklahoma City is in the cards for late this month.  Discussions with Sam Wills as to what is most beneficial to the Nitro Conspiracy Team 2017 efforts yielded a need for help building motors, among other things.  Sam pretty much did everything himself in 2016 and I am here to say I know how much work and effort is required to do that.  Putting my effort where my mouth is, I wanted to help get the team ahead of the game this year, allowing.  Now that I have a full season in working for Sam, it is easier to be more productive.  We also don’t have the monstrous construction project of the double looming over us.  Of course the blog will be a recap of that trip. I was informed it will be 84 degrees there tomorrow.  It was 5 degrees here.

The 2017 Manufacturer’s Cup Race Series (Man Cup) will have an interesting spin to it this year with the arrival of Ian King, the European Top Fuel Champion, coming over to take on the Yanks on our home turf.  A bit of nipping at the heels is happening and there is some talk going back and forth that could add a personal aspect.  Ian tends to be a bit of a scrapper.

Our Spring schedule of events will be largely comprised of the popular “Bull Sessions” we have had over the last few years.  The dates are expected to be March 11, April 15, May 6 and June 10.  Watch the website and our Facebook page to keep up to date.

Well, now to thank Samantha for coming in and doing this update.  I will try to be more frequent in my missives, and advise as to the exciting developments on the salt.

All the best!

Bill W.


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