Racing season ends…for now

The racing season has finally ended in the formal sense.  Now the development and scheduling of events for 2017 begins.  There really isn’t a “Downtime” in racing at the level we try to attain.


The Mancup Finals in Georgia didn’t go as hoped, with a clutch management system malfunction eluded detection and resolution, costing us the #1 plate by one round of racing.  As competitive as the team is, it is a hard thing to accept at first.  We all kept busy with chasing the gremlins and working on the second team Top Fueler of Dennis Bradley.  Nick and Fred came down to perform those tasks and stepped in like the pros they are.  They had enough time working on Ed Kelly’s double and the various nitro bikes up here to allow their dovetailing with Sam’s crew to get Dennis’ rider, Mitch Brown, down the track two good hits before disaster struck in the form of transmission failure.  There are videos on our Facebook page of the event.  Six true blown Top Fuelers is the biggest field in recent years and looks to increase by one or two in 2017.  Unfortunately the bike of John Alwine, ridden by Cory Hogan, suffered an engine failure that oiled the tire and sent the bike into the wall, in a shower of smoke and flames, thus destroying the bike.  A long ride there and a longer ride home for most of us.


After destroying the blown Ducati motor in testing, we are in the process of changing engine case types and reassembling it for next season at the dragstrip.  The huge power it makes is also a temptation to look at Bonneville, but the longevity would be an issue.  Not to say it couldn’t happen, but smart money stays with the turbo gas platform.

Well, our blog updates will continue through the winter and I hope this allows you a bit of a peek into the racing world as seen from a different viewpoint.  I will try to make it more frequent, now that the direct pressure has been somewhat relieved, and we are back to six days a week (mostly).

Happy Thanksgiving to all and I am especially thankful for the intrepid group that is part of this adventure.

All the best!



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