Bonneville Update: September 28


Well as everyone is aware of, the World Finals at Bonneville was cancelled.  Enough rain fell the week before that the course remained under water too long to allow the proper preparation required to put on an event of that caliber.  My wife was coming back through Wendover and stayed at the motel we had reservations for the following week.  Photos from her camera showed a lake where the course would normally be.

A huge disappointment to all of us. Harkening back to Sam’s comment after the final I was able to take some comfort there.  Disappointed but not upset.

Four consecutive years of rainouts is definitely a patience test.  We are ready for 2017, and are considering the Speed Week event instead of the World Finals as the likelihood of rainouts is dramatically less.

Not to sit idle, we are finishing up final preparations to run the Twin-engined Triumph Blown Nitro bike at the Slimey Crud event at Pine Bluff, Sunday October 2.  We will be loading up Saturday October 1, so feel free to stop by.  Work progresses on the blown nitro Ducati and both projects are on our Facebook page. The Bonneville bikes are still out and you can see them as well.

Thank you for all your support and patience.




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