Keep on going…

Work continues in four fronts.  The double is ready to run on alcohol and switch to nitro very soon.  We hope to be running the injected Ducati today to verify the systems.  The blown Ducati is getting the top end cylinders, new pistons and heads installed in preparation for going back in the chassis next week.  The turbo is being hauled out of the air as we speak to be verified and made ready for the traditional Sunday morning ride around the block.  That is a challenge in itself as the bike requires three lanes to turn around and it is hard to ride under the radar on a twelve foot long unit.  It does let me make a bit of boost on the Avenue and check the braking and shifting. Getting the beast into the driveway of the shop without hitting the rocks or the guard rail is the last bit of fun followed by a quick duck into the shop and close the garage door.

Well, back to the back to supervise the fun and games.

Five days until Rockingham, fifteen days until LIFTOFF!


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