Hello All,


Well the entry forms have been mailed, and thank you all for the help in that area!  I was wondering how much longer we would have to wait to do that.

Speed Week segued into the Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials (formerly known as the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials) and using an unconventional track layout have evidently found good to great salt conditions.  The best indicator is Valerie Thompson going 290 and then 304 mph in her motorcycle streamliner.  It takes very good salt to run a bike that fast.

We are all stoked!

Just got the fuel pump back from Kinsler.  After sitting that length of time, I am afraid it didn’t age happily and required $450 worth of reconditioning and testing.  But I have it in my hot little hands and it will go in the bike Tuesday, for test-running Wednesday.  We are adding the high speed enrichener now and finishing up some reworking of the fuel system controls.

The next task is going through the spare parts collection.  This is a group of fourty or so boxes with specific items and supplies to allow the care and feeding of two bikes that can be voracious in their consumption of parts and supplies.  The check list is six pages of single spaced 12-point type.  Three years of sitting and occasional rifling through and pillaging can take its toll on the contents, and we have to be basically self-sufficient for the bikes and the tow vehicles for six days of theatrics.

Not so much the turbo, but that darned nitro burner can chew through pistons, given the right incentive.  We are hoping for a 600 foot longer fuse this time around.

Just looking at the emails, I see the salt is opening up for setup and tech a day earlier than originally announced.  Now to change motel reservations, inform fourteen people of the changes and amend the scheduling of this travelling circus.  Well, it’s better than news going the other way!

After the nitro bike is run and verified, the turbo comes down and gets taken down to recheck everything that has been sitting for three years as well.  Special attention to wiring, cables and hydraulics is needed to keep a bit of rust or corrosion from causing the random glitch in any of the systems.

Well, back to the back to finish some body panel work on the Blown Ducati, start rummaging through the spares and make that list and check it three times.

A special thanks to Travis Bowen our phantom upholsterer and a sponsor, for the coffee.  He looked at what we had lying in wait for us and said “You guys will need something to help with the long hours”.  His coffee is the best, darkest I have ever had. Cheers!

We will be loading up Friday and Saturday September 23 and 24th.  Stop on by and see the chaos.

Once again, Thank You for the opportunity to keep improving!

All the best,


A quick side note.  We will be adding a returning member of our IT staff with my oldest daughter Samantha agreeing to collaborate on the blog and website while Jacki is attending UC Monterey for graduate school in Scientific Illustration.  Sam started it all quite some time ago and I am glad and proud to have her help in this area.  The internet is like my panel beating…not a strength.  Welcome back!


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