Speed Week is on!!!


The salt is fast and hard, and having the benefit of hindsight (this being written on the last day of Speed Week) the course eventually got bumpy, causing the biggest hitters to finish up and go home early.

It wasn’t too bad at the outset as the new Speed Demon car recorded a 403 mph mile 5 and a 415 mph exit speed and Danny Thompson recorded a 411 mph run in the Challenger II.

The officials from Utah and the BLM attended the Thursday event and saw the reduction of entry numbers due to the deterioration of the salt.  Evidently it is not “all fixed” as asserted by various government officials, and more work will be needed in the future.  The increased bumpiness of the course caused a few issues with vibration shaking out parachutes and other developments.

We are getting ready for the fall World Finals as we speak, with the nitro bike going to the back room for updating the fuel system.

The good news is that the class record for the nitro bike remains as it was, and the class record for the turbo only went up by .08 mph, remaining just under 231 mph.

The live streaming from the salt flats is winding down, much like striking camp after a great weekend.  Sort of sad, but everyone there looking forward to getting home and either celebrating or planning the improvements for next time, maybe as soon as the World Finals at the end of next month.  If you go to the SCTA website, they will be live streaming during the World Finals.  Those guys are great!!!

Well, continuing the work on the Double Triumph, and getting ready for the Rockingham race in four weeks continues.  A myriad of details and effort is required.

We will be keeping everyone up to date on the Bonneville preparations and are happy to answer any questions you may have on what we are doing.  Just email them to mcperf@tds.net.

Well, back to the back for some more welding!



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