Catching up


June 4, 2016

Been a long time!

With the usual spring rush and the need to keep making progress on the double and the blown Ducati (aka “Spaghetti Compressor”) it has been a 7 day-a-week, 12 hour-a- day working situation.

We do have the motel rooms reserved at the “Rainbow Casino” in West Wendover.  The epitome of kitsch, the red shag carpet and mirrored walls can be a bit much first thing in the morning, but all in all it gets the job done.

We have set time aside in August for the final inspection and testing of the bikes and hopefully aren’t in line for surprises then.  Adding the high speed enrichener to the nitro bike will be the biggest challenge, but with a little creative plumbing I am confident of success.

Next Thursday I am off to Rockingham NC to a dragstrip I have never been to, working once again for Sam Wills and the nitro Conspiracy team.  A restful 15 hour drive, arrive at the track, help with setup and then to the motel to gather energy for the two qualifying passes Saturday that will determine our Sunday pairings in eliminations.  Sam did well, finishing runner-up to Larry “Spiderman” McBride last year.  Here’s hoping for a one spot better finish.

Sam was assembling the third motor Friday June 3, when I called and all the new parts had arrived and were being loaded up.  All three motors were going to have the cams re-degreed to re-establish the baselines with help from cylinder head guru Clyde Day.  The new cams from Webcam hadn’t arrived yet and Sam decided to wait until Eddyville Iowa on July 2 to test them.  Mike Dryden and Todd Uhlman are going down to OK City this weekend to sort through the fuel system and start packing.

Oh, I forgot to mention Sam was booked into the Eddyville Dragway’s “Night of Fire” Saturday July 2. The Eddyville track is like a park and is run by some wonderful people.  That event will feature Nostalgia Nitro Funnycars and Dragsters along with always unpredictable Fuel Altereds.  Last summer, the first race I was a helper at, Sam reset the track record three times, ending up with a 4.00 second 1/8 mile e.t. at 199 mph.

We will be caravanning down, leaving about 9 am allowing about 5 hour travel time to arrive in time for me to help set up (I’m working this one, too) and Sam is booked for a 6pm and 9 pm pass. Afterwards I will be helping cleanup and put away, getting me out about 11:30 or midnight, putting us back in Madison about 5 am.  A bit of a beat run, but with extra drivers, entirely manageable.  That will be our 4th of July Fireworks.

Well, back to finishing up the fuel tank for the Ducati and working on the engine venting system for the Double.  Jacki will be finishing up the candy color paintwork on Jim Morin’s Harley Pro Fueler, so it will be a busy day here.

DSC00755(layer 2 in progress….)

Until later, hopefully not so long,





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