Maintenance Clinic – Spring 2016


Thank you to everyone who came to the Motorcycle Maintenance Clinic! It was a great turnout and very nice to hang out with a bunch of people who enjoy riding as much as we do. In general we talked about the introductory set of things you can do to keep your bike happy and on the road, including checking tires, adjusting chains, when to replace brake pads, etc. It was a little tricky because of the amount of variation in the motorcycle industry: it was tough to point to specifics and say that one rule could apply to many motorcycles because the battery placement and oil and filter, etc. can be widely different for different models and even different years of the same model… part of the fun and keeps things interesting I suppose. I hope at least some of your questions were answered. If you think of any more, please let us know!

Thanks again for coming – it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Cheers!

We are considering holding a similar clinic later in the summer – let us know if you have feedback or were unable to attend and would be interested in something like this.


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