Update: Working for the top fuel team


Hello All,

It is a busy, busy time.  Making lots of parts for the Ducati blower bike, the double, the outlaw ProStreet Suzuki, spring customer rush, and the first Top Fuel race in Georgia this week end.

Progress on the Blown Ducati

Progress on the Triumph Double

Making progress on all fronts, but of course it is never enough it seems.  I’ll be taking the camera to South Georgia Motorsports Park and work at getting some photos of the race.  I’ll be working for Sam Wills’ Top Fuel team out of Oklahoma City this year as I may have mentioned.  There is a five race deal and this kicks it all off.  There will be at least six Top Fuelers there with Larry “Spiderman” McBride’s new bike a highlight debut.  I have also been tasked with battery research, tire purchasing, data acquisition acquisition (pick up a Racepak data recorder for the double), clutch tuning lessons (for me) and getting back together with the Sam’s crew.

It will be a bust-butt process, driving straight down there from the shop Thursday morning to arrive Friday for helping with qualifying and loose ends from the previous day’s testing.  Three days of racing, pack up and drive back to Madison for a mid-afternoon harp transport, work at the shop til close, then over to Milwaukee Monday night for my youngest daughter’s birthday, then back home that night.  What ever shreds may be left, I’ll put in a bag and drag to the shop to open Tuesday morning.  It’s a good thing my wife, Patty, likes to travel and drive.

Well, I need to finish a blower prop for the double, pack up tools and parts to deal with the cylinder heads for Sam and get ready.

I am certain there should be a little time before the next race in Rockingham NC in June.

We are also having a Basic Maintenance Clinic at the shop Saturday April 23 from noon – 3. 

It is RSVP for a bike, but all are welcome to attend.  We will be doing inspections and simultaneous oil and filter servicings to allow the best view and most knowledge available.

The next event after that will be a Bull Session at the shop April 30 from 1-3 and then going over to the Barrymore to see the “Jon Britten Story”, a movie well worth seeing.

Well, off I go, and all the best to everyone.

Bill W.



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