RVM Classics tour, and more talk on the salt

Well today was a chance to go to see some truly remarkable machines.  Richard Munz of Madison WI was kind enough to open his garage to allow visitors to see some of his collection this morning. Some of the photos may be familiar from the last time we went, but they are still cool no matter how many pictures are taken!




The photos show some of the beautiful examples we were able to view, including his Bonneville Roadster with the Ardun-powered driveline.  Meeting up with some of the Slimey Crud Motorcycle Gang, a turbocharged Harley Knucklehead land speed project came onto the table for discussion. One of the reservations expressed by the proponent was the future condition of the salt.

Having gotten the word that the motorcycles scheduled for Mike Cook’s Top Speed Shootout are now moved to Oct. 12-16, when the streamliners were rescheduled for, the immediate future of the racing at Bonneville is seemingly imperiled.  A close watch being kept on the salt flats over the winter and the looking towards what is needed to stop the degradation of the environment there is now at a critical junction.  Further ignoring of the problems will not help the situation and pressure needs to be applied to the forces at work stripping the treasure that is Bonneville.  Mining companies need to be held accountable for the destruction of this resource.  Mining seems to be in the process of destroying the environment in new and expanded ways, from the frac sand mining in Wisconsin to the destruction of mountains in West Virginia for the coal, not to mention the rolling bombs full of the new-source crude oil from the upper Midwest and Pennsylvania. To watch the senseless destruction of this world treasure is frustrating beyond measure, especially when the commodity taken by evisceration is readily available elsewhere.

Having been a member of Save the Salt for over ten years, we have been working towards stemming the destruction.  The problem is that the U.S. Government, who has been charged with the stewardship of this resource through the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has only been able to put out more racer behavior sheets, while ignoring the destruction by the mining companies.  The simple fact is that the mining companies pockets are much deeper and their influence much greater than the coalition we support.


I urge you to join Save the Salt http://www.savethesalt.org   and get involved, if not from a racer’s standpoint, then from that of an environmentalist.  It is such an unusual pairing, that of the environmental activists and racers that makes this such an interesting combination.  The combination of two passions can only be beneficial!

The shop will be going on a field trip: Sunday September 20 to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa Iowa.  We’ll be leaving at 9:00 this Sunday morning from the PDQ at McKee and Verona Rd., it will be another chance to see some of the most unique and beautiful examples of motorcycling around.  The originator of the museum, John Parnham (also of J&P Cyles), was just named to the American Motorcyclist Hall of Fame and will be inducted in October at the AIME expo in Orlando FL.  John is a true class act and as a promoter I knew he would always take good care of us racers.  I am looking forward to the trip and with mixed feelings as a lot of the people in the  displays I knew and bikes on the pedestals I raced against and/or owned.  Sort of a funny feeling……..

Well, off to Iowa!

Bill W.


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