Parts Unlimited at the Monona Terrace

Hello again!

Last Saturday night was the annual Parts Unlimited NVP event that combines trade show, seminars and a meet and greet.

We were invited to bring three bikes to the party which is held on the terrace of the Madison Convention Center.  This is normally not a big challenge, but the terrace is six floors above ground level and accessed via a warren of hallways designed for easily turned bus carts and DJ equipment, not a twelve foot long motorcycle that usually takes a 300 foot circle to turn in.

We threaded our way by the dumpsters and discovered the need for a twelve point turn to get into the staging area.  This is a bit of chore by itself with an added dimension of being under a choke cherry tree than dumped a plethora of hard, round berries.  They resembled ball bearings in size and shape and made the turn just that much more exciting.  After pinning WJ to the dumpster behind us I made the turn into the staging area for the elevators.  This involved another slalom around huge carts and barely fitting into the freight elevator with a few inches to spare.

Once we finally reached the top floor after stops on every floor along the way, the discharge is away from the terrace and meant another multi-point turn and jiggering around.  We decided on the closest spot and left it at that.


2015_9_3mononaterrace 2015_9_3lineupMononaterrace

The event was great and educational.  The party offered a great opportunity to explain what the bike and our efforts were all about.  WJ said that the next day at the show, any time someone saw the shop name on his shirt it was always followed by positive comments.

Night falls on the Monona Terrace
Night falls on the Monona Terrace

As darkness fell, I saw a unique opportunity for a shot of the bike and the state capitol, seen here.  At the end of it all I did get to start it up and received a hearty round of applause as the noise died down.

The trip to the trailer was a reverse of the load-in except we had to contend with a herd of bus carts, portable bars and employees wanting to get out and do their own entertaining.  Half an hour later, there we were putting it in the box for the trip home.

All three bikes got positive comments, but the big red bike was the star of the show.

Thanks to WJ, Fred and his sons Adam and TJ for helping with the moving.

Meanwhile work continues on the Double Triple Trident and the U.S. Nationals at Indy begin Thursday September 3.

Stay Cool!



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