July 15, 2015

Well hello again at long last.

We have been planning for Bonneville and setting up schedules to start getting the fuel system modifications on the nitro bike initiated and plain old getting the turbo out of the air to put the Motec in it. The bikes are pretty much ready to go otherwise, now we just watch the skies and cross our fingers.

In other news, while we wait for Bonneville, the Banana is proving to be quite the project.  It is one of those things that will demand attention in one area as soon as you think you are done in another.  Building a complete subframe and installing it, moving the body back 2 inches and down ¾ inch in the rear was no small feat and I appreciate Steve Dale’s help beyond measure.  Nick and Fred helped with the marine plywood installation and epoxy coating and Don Kuettel, our newest engineering attachment came back to earth (he is going to grad school in Colorado for Aerospace Engineering) as a vital part of the assembly, cutting, grinding and prep for the project.  Some aspects of this allow for the fragrant smell of burning hair and the occasional hotspot.

Nice new epoxy-finished floor. It's almost a shame to cover it up with a heavy-duty mat...
Nice new epoxy-finished floor. It’s almost a shame to cover it up with a heavy-duty mat…
The view from below is visually striking as well
The view from below is visually striking as well

banana_frontpanel banana_floor-scraps

We have included photos of the Banana project because quite a number of people have asked when we are taking it out to Bonneville.  I can understand the inclination, with the California rake and the genuine Moon wheel covers, but seeing what salt does to things around here first hand, there is no way that is going to see sprinkled salt on the roads, much less the immersion possible at Bonneville.  The hours spent on this makes it much more than a labor of love, more like a love-hate deal.  The irony of it all is the goal of not having anything done with or to it visually change its looks.  All of the work is internal or underneath, so from the outside it looks exactly the same.  There is still the left cabin floor and the rockers yet to be installed as a final precursor to the application of yet more black epoxy primer and rust neutralizer.  After that it is carpet, pad , new aluminum radiator and fan, stereo and heat/defrost (an item overlooked in its lifetime in California).

Thanks to the folks who came to the Bull Session this year and we will be planning more late in the fall, after Bonneville, and through the winter.  I would be glad to hear some topics, questions, project suggestions or activities for them.  I have 45 years of motorcycling to draw from and we will be doing three or four interesting projects, but I am always amazed and impressed by the diversity offered by our clients.

Well, off to make some more Banana chunks, heater ducts and weld some more holes shut (the previous owners were in love with 1/8” pop rivets) and I have filled over 40 holes in the cabin floors alone.  I always am wondering what might have been attached there in the past.

So many... many... many rivet holes. Extra ventilation?
So many… many… many rivet holes. Extra ventilation?

Bonus picture – the entire thing used to be aqua, as evidenced by the remnant of paint in the door frame:

Just imagine the whole thing aqua....
Just imagine the whole thing aqua….

With the impending need to begin the herculean task of organizing, testing and getting used to speed again, there will be more blog bits soon.

Email any questions you may have and enjoy!


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