An eye on the salt

July 18, 2015

It has been a challenging time for the Bonneville Salt Flats lately.

The August Speed Week is in jeopardy from water and salt removal as described in the Salt Lake City paper.

Salt is removed industrially, and measures need to be taken to prevent this incredible natural feature from being completely consumed, not only for the racing community (which has been a strong voice in the fight to save the salt and aid in conservation efforts) but also for the landscape phenomenon that it is.

It seems that there isn’t a more economical solution to salt procurement that will help save the flats, a unique feature geologically and geographically.  The SCTA website has additional information.

Work continues on the Banana with the last of the major structural work nearing completion.  The last of the floors and outer rocker installation is complete, so now some bracketing, inner rocker attachment and coating the work with more epoxy primer remains.  In the heat, working on the floor doing this has taken its toll and I’ll be glad to be done with it.


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