World Finals

At long last, a start on the World Finals process!

A thousand mile journey begins with the first step, and that has now been taken for the World Finals, scheduled for September 29 through October 2.  We have reserved rooms in West Wendover and will be leaving the morning of September 27 to arrive on the salt for the opening of tech on Monday, September 28.  Time runs begin Tuesday, September 29.  Here’s hoping for a cooperative weather situation!

Bull Session
June 6
Here at the shop from 1-3pm.

We will be starting the Bonneville Nitro Bike to check our warm-up system and see if there are any leaks.  This is the last scheduled session for the summer unless there is a massive outcry for more.  Subjects are completely open and it’s always fun to try and stump the guy with the gray beard.  Progress on the Banana will be on display as well (the floor in the back is completely gone at the moment…). We have really enjoyed the Bull Sessions and look forward to the future and seeing you here June 6.


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