April 23, 2015 – Greetings!

Spring has given and taken away this season.  Quite a bit so far.  What I thought was tree tossings was in fact snow.

On the Bonneville front, there was a consideration in play to run the Motorcycle Speed Trials, which used to be the BUB event.  It had two things going for it.  One is that it runs across Labor Day weekend and six days in length. Two, that it happens earlier in the season and is theoretically less likely to be rained out.

After researching the rules for the two Ducatis, we figured that we could get things in order with a fair amount of work, but nothing we haven’t had to do before.  The records listed are attainable by both bikes, so we started to get enthused.

Then we looked at the entry fees.  The basic per bike entry is $775.  Then there is the $50 license fee, then the $49 AMA membership fee, $150 insurance fee, and then if you want to run for a record, that is an additional $350.   By my math, that is $1374 per bike.  The World Finals SCTA fee is $450, less than 1/3 the Speed Trials entry fee.  Careful consideration is in order on this.  The difference in entry fees is the gas to haul out there and back.  Ouch!  Evidently this is a relatively recent development as I checked with Sam Wills today and the entry when he ran (as the BUB event) was in the $600 range, all in, commensurate with the SCTA entry at the time. As I mentioned, considerations need to be made.

Our Arizona partner in crime Jim Harraughty pulled a fast one last Saturday.  We were working on the Banana, trying to figure out how many wires were really needed for the computer to work properly when a maroon Impala pulls in the driveway.  Out climbs Jim and his wife Kathleen.  I was shocked to silence (momentarily).  He was on a whirlwind tour, back for only a few days and could only stay a short while.  It was great to see him and he had also considered the alternate event.  I wonder if now it is a different situation, considering the entry fee discovery.  We will be discussing this in the coming weeks and we’ll keep you updated.

We have made some progress on the Triumph double, with the valve guides made and installed.  The sleeve for the stud gallery is installed and with the arrival of the valves Monday, we will be starting the process of making the exhaust valves.   The spring rush/winter halt/spring rush always adds an element of interest to things, but we keep chipping away at projects, one thing at a time.2015_4_23_valvesbeforeguidest

2015_4_23_withguideinsert Valve with newly made guide

Don’t forget Peter Egan at the Black Earth Library, Sunday April 26 at 2 pm! We will be there, as it is sure to be an interesting talk. They will also be showing “American Cafe” on May 2nd at 10:00am, with Matt Cribben, the director!

Our next Bull Session is here at the shop May 2 from 1-3, and afterwards we’ll be moseying over to the Barrymore for the SCMG film festival in the evening – featuring “the John Penton Story” at 5:30pm.


Off again to make some more parts.

Bill W.


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