Shop Updates

March 19, 2015

It has been a bit since we last expounded on the goings-on here.  Our finishing up the of the Bonneville prep on the nitro bike is progressing nicely and will yield a completed unit in the next two weeks or so.  The long bike is still hanging in the middle of the warehouse, but will be hauled down for inclusion in the Weaver Auto Parts “Autofest” happening at the Dane County Fairgrounds March 28-29.  It will serve to remind me how much work this thing is to move around.

The twin-engined Triumph project has arrived and it makes the long bike look petite and dainty in comparison.  It took four people to get it out of the trailer and I was exhausted after wheeling it into the main gallery of the shop.  It is heavier than the silver bike and asks for a lot not to tip it over just moving it around.  Ed Kelly is the owner and we will be working to complete this project for him by the time of the “Manufacturer’s Cup” race in the fall of 2016.  While it is generally recognizable as a motorcycle, there is definitely a year and a half’s worth of work there ahead of us.  Motors have to be built (a lot of parts custom/hand-made) and the general plumbing/wiring and sorting out of the induction system are some of the tasks that immediately present themselves. OMG (to adopt the modern lingo)


Arrival of the Triumph and the advent of an exceptionally early spring will help push the development of the supercharged Ducati project a little to the side, owing to the size of the shop and workforce.  Quite a bit of progress has been made and hopefully the throttle body and components can be sent to Kinsler Fuel Injection for Brad Cauzillo’s careful ministrations of calibrating the fuel system.  Once again, venturing into uncharted territory, you need to keep in mind Dirty Harry’s caution “a man’s got to know his limitations”.  One of mine happens to be the ability to generate fuel system numbers from experience and theory.

Well off to the back to work on the Triumph and keep riding used bikes in preparation for the real spring!




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