Q&A – Open question session at the shop: First one March 7th!

In the spirit of motorcycling camaraderie, I thought we would try something different at the shop.  As many of you are aware, we have hosted clinics in the past on various aspects of motorcycle maintenance, but this year we would like to know what you want to learn about. For the next four months, on the first Saturday of the month, (March through June) we will be having a Q&A and/or general bull session here at the shop from 1- about 3 pm.  We will have some coffee on and open to discuss whatever may be on your mind motorcycle-wise, and if we run out of things in that vein, we can move on to other subjects.  I have been in the industry for forty years now, and have seen the start of most every trend in play today.

Truth be told, a lot of what is new is really not.  BSA had a four valve V-twin in the 1930’s, for example.  BMW’s R series bikes harken back to a flathead flat twin of the same era.  I have seen one of the BMW’s parts here at the store after the bike was dug up with two dead Nazi’s with it.  So you heard it here first and you all are welcome to come on in.  Kawasaki’s new H2 supercharged bike?  BMW made one that was banned from competition in GP racing and we were told not to even show up with our turbo roadracer in the 1980’s.  It could be fun.

If you have something you were always wondering about, about tuning, riding, racing, motorcycling history… whatever you might be wanting to know! Bring your questions, pull up a chair and we will chat. If you want to send them in via email over the course of this next week, we could even get a bit of a head start, especially for more obscure historical or specialized inquiry.

Q&A at the Shop
Saturday, March 7th
1:00-3:00 pm

See you there!


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