From Oct 22 2014

We are posting a bit of backlog from the blog – things have been busy around here and thanks for your patience~

We need to thank and welcome our newest sponsors, Cal and Sheila Steinweg.  Cal has been coming here literally for decades and it took trying to identify which Top Fueler he saw in the front room of the old shop to determine it was 1982 when he first came here.  He was a bit surprised to learn that the old bugger at the counter also rode the red bike (to tell the truth, sometimes so am I).

Yes folks we are on track to be going back out to Bonneville in 2015, and am having a hard time figuring out how to wait that long.

Now on to the next bit of theatrics.

For the race at Valdosta Georgia, we are getting ready with an experimental platform of sorts.  People ask what we are doing differently than last year with the nitro-burning 999 and I mention “just a few things”.

We are making new exhaust pipes (2 ½ inch outlet as opposed to 2 1/8).  The pipes will be deemed a success if nothing is melted and the bike makes more power.


New tailpipe
New tailpipe

New design cylinder heads.


Shining a light through the cylinder head - the better to see you with....
Shining a light through the cylinder head – the better to see you with….

New profile cams (two different series of profiles, no less).

Billet, prototype cylinders with custom, ductile iron sleeves and o-ringing.

A new design piston, the centering method on the crank journal discovered to need attention as we were assembling the #1 motor.  I think we have a solution figured out.  Probably to be determined in its efficacy after the first pass if there isn’t a big cloud of smoke or a connecting rod hanging out, or both.

Different ignition, controlled by the Motec ECU we were going to use at Bonneville.

Different fuel system settings.


Different clutch settings, and rear wheel gearing.


Remove four pounds of weight.

New tailsection with matching paint.

This all will be done between October 2 and November 12.  Nothing like a nice, relaxing schedule to work with.

There are some photos of the process, including the heads and assembly, but things are coming along nicely.2014_11_22_preValdosta1

This is in addition to running the store, taking care of customers, buying bikes to recondition over the winter and maybe, just maybe, see the family and friends from time to time.  The patience of those around me is truly on the level of saints.

Since we will not be running the red bike until Bonneville 2015, you will be treated to the fueler’s sagas.  The physical conditioning will continue, although to be honest, I was hoping to take the winter off and add a bit of ballast to myself.

I have to be off to the porting bench to finish the last set of heads and pound out a fender for a project, so cheerio to all and welcome to Cal and Sheila.




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