From Nov 4, 2014

We are posting a bit of backlog from the blog – things have been busy around here and thanks for your patience~

Final preparations on the spare parts and the fueler are underway.  The last set of heads should be getting the concrete this week and all the cylinders, pistons and rings are boxed up.

There are always the last minute things that we are hoping not to have rise up and bite us in the arse, but with a long-distance race and the attending necessary preparation, there always seems to be something.  While physically exhausting, when we were on the tour racing the Top Fuelers, there was a rhythm and process you got into after a few races.  We haven’t had the number of events this year to get into that rhythm, and even looking at what we did get a chance to do earlier, there is a big difference between the gas turbo platform and the injected nitro deal, both in spare parts and support.  With the gas turbo bike, a 5 gallon pail of C-16 gasoline and we are good for three race weekends.  The nitro bike, we will have to take nearly 20 gallons of fuel, with a careful eye towards how many runs we want to make that one week end, along with a completely different set of spares, and a few more of them.  Rather than three quarts of engine oil lasting most of the summer, four cases of specially formulated Nitro 70 oil goes along.  While we can recycle most of it, it does add complexity and weight to the trip.

It should be an interesting event, with the members of the MTC 5 Second club expected to be there at least in person, with two or more of the bikes in competition.  We get to see a lot of people we see very rarely and an opportunity to run on a superbly prepared racing surface.  We wouldn’t want to pass up the chance to subject the bike to the maximum demand now, would we?

I do appreciate the support we have seen this season from you all, and I plan to bring back a bunch of photos and regale you all with tales of derring-do (or do-do, depending upon the outcome).

All the best,

Bill W.


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