Slimey Crud Weekend Review

October 5, 2014


A slow start to the day with the cold weather.  We left the fueler in the shop until morning owing to the propensity for starter clutch misbehavior in the cold.  A temperature of 42 degrees F made for a brisk but not unexpected introduction to what I see as Wisconsin’s premier fall motorcycle event, where bikes of all shapes/sizes/dispositions are welcome.

A number of noteworthy bikes can be seen at with help from Gary Ilminen, a fellow Bonneville traveler.

I also saw a gorgeous Bultaco Metralla of Jamie Valentine’s making, that I consider mantel-worthy.


Chad was making his rounds on the Harley Flathead sidecar he went to Animosa Iowa with earlier this year (a brave man he is!).


The cold weather necessitated the use of a heater, a blanket and the exhaust of the generator for an hour or so to get the motor warm enough to start.  We almost didn’t get it running and if we hadn’t got it to fire on that try, that would have been it, as we forgot the plug wrench and the toolbox wasn’t in the trailer.   It did grace us with a loud and lusty roar to help set off the day.  That was the only time the 749 Bonneville motor would be run in front of anyone this year, unfortunately, as it was then time to switch it over to the 999 nitro platform for the drag races at Valdosta Georgia in November.

All in all, a very enjoyable and entertaining event with lots of great friends and bikes!

Next:  The newest generation of 999 Nitromethane efforts


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