Slimey Crud this weekend, and review of last weekend at Byron with Arnie’s Bike


Well, another exercise in frustration. The ECU system on the funnybike wasn’t up to the task and after an aborted launch and a nitrous backfire, on trailer it went.  A bit more sophistication and controllability, combined with data acquisition will help the program out considerably. A similar combination has gone well into the 6’s and over 200 mph in the quarter mile, but it sometimes takes a bit of work to get your mojo back when the last pass was twelve years ago.  I know it took me a little bit to get back in synch with the nitro bike when it first came to life.  It appears the ECU can’t deal with the rpm drop at the actuation of the clutch and the motor shuts off before the shot of nitrous and timing changes can occur.  If nothing else, the bike is looking fast.

The rider selected for this testing is Dan McCarten, a very talented and able rider from the Byron area. His riding in the Two Wheel Speed Series has been exemplary and his professionalism and grace under pressure set a very high bar for those other test riders to be judged by.  Getting to know Dan better was a high point of the day, and hopefully we can help Arnie get on top of this monster and make it productive again in early 2015.  He does have another bike that has run low seven second passes he is working on as well.  A man of many talents and relentless ambition.  Jim Morin, a name mentioned here before drove down and we got a chance to catch up on some of the electronics on the bikes and aerodynamics for the tow vehicle, with an eye towards fuel mileage.

A lot of potential but the full measure yet to be realized.   Quite a beautiful day, and a couple of pretty fast cars, with a Tim McAmis-built Mustang ProMod setting the pace with a 6.35.

Now we start in on the task of preparing for Valdosta. We will be out at the Slimey Crud staging area in Pine Bluff this Sunday with both bikes to hang out,  answer questions and listen to them run.  Read about the Crud Run here.  Come on out and see the crowd.  It should be quite the gathering if it stays with the weather from earlier in the week… let’s skip the snow please.  If not, it will still be fun!  Come on out!

Slimey Crud
Oct 5th, 2014 ~10:00am-ish
Pine Bluff


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