Slimey Crud Weekend and film festival


Saturday night was the Slimey Crud Film Festival at the Barrymore Theatre. If you go to see a movie in a particular setting, that is the place to be. The crowd, the ambiance…..sufficiently seedy yet unique.

The feature film “The Best Bar in America” was a different kettle of fish. Mixing elements of “Easy Rider”, spaghetti westerns and “The Wizard of Oz”, it blended a quest with western Americana. The first scene involved a BMW with a sidecar erupting a smoky trail and sputtering to a stop at the side of a rather desolate stretch of highway. The wife of the protagonist has finally had enough and after flinging abuse towards each other, she stalks off dragging her wheelie bag behind. The final view of that scene displayed the leanings of the audience, which upon removing his wedding ring and tossing it to the wife he headed off to the horizon to the cheers of many.

The movie added elements of the movies I mentioned in varying degrees and levels, with a mystical bent near the end. If I was a movie critic and paid better attention rather than enjoying the moments I could tell you more about structure and plot, etc. etc., but it’s a movie seen in the company of those who most appreciate its various aspects.

Oddly enough I don’t see the motorcycle as central a theme as the posters and trailer show. Granted it added an element of the societal outcast, and a unique visual aspect, but it luckily wasn’t a pivotal plot element. It could have been done in an old pickup truck, but considering the drinking that was done, a two wheeler wouldn’t have been doable. The sidecar was a must!
s music was interesting as well. I guess that is how my parents felt about Led Zeppelin (dazed and confused?). by Matt Cribben. His editing was very good and even though there was too much of the funny looking grey haired guy it was well received.

Two trailers that were shown are definitely high interest items that should be considered for next year’s film festival are the ones with the old guys on Taiwan and the Morbidelli racers. They are really interesting and things the demographic can relate to and may even own examples of the racers seen in the Italian film.

Moto Guzzi of Madison and his crew joined us for Greek omelets and good coffee. s Ducati attracted a big crowd with speculation and puzzlement over it possibly being a new model from Ducati. One again, Fred did it!

It was a beautiful day and glad to see everyone there!

Next testing date is June 1 at Byron Dragway for the turbo platform.


Stay tuned!
Bill W.


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