Well here it is, the depths of winter and we are struggling with getting things ready for June.

The plans are still to convert the dragbike to a turbo gas platform. This now involves the use of the MOTEC unit used on the Land Speed bike. We ponied up the nearly $2000 for the new harness, a few sensors and an accelerometer. Winter has gotten its fingers into this project as well. The huge weather mess out east has delayed the harness making because they can’t even get to their shop. A truly global effect. We are hoping to see the harness next week as it needs to be installed before the spring rush. The accelerometer is absolutely miniscule when compared to the one used in the funnycar as you can see from the photos. Almost too small and easily lost it would seem.

Hopefully everyone else is getting through this winter. The lake ice thickness on our local body of water has established a new record by nearly six inches. While not a record setting winter by temperature extremes, the unrelenting nature of the cold has put frost depths to new lows and imperiled pipes and drains not normally subject to concern. Our thoughts go out to our friends in the southeast who are struggling with weather difficulties of epic proportions for them. COME ON SPRING!!!!

Well, back to the back and get back to installing the last of the fuse panels and relay boards needed for the new harness and wiring .

Best to all and stay warm!!!


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