Well here we are with two updates!

Now we are working on the billet cylinders and sleeves for the 100mm bore (999) motors. These assemblies originally were intended for use with the injected nitro motor, but after looking at the turbo gas dragbike platform, there might be some concrete-filled cylinder heads and these cylinders. They will definitely be for use in the big nitro motor and the supercharged version of this madness.


As you can see, you start out with a 7 inch round chunk of billet aluminum and start gnawing away. Fred did the initial work of making the plate, mapping out the dowel and stud locations and drilling the holes along with rough boring the piece in anticipation of the ductile iron sleeves we expect to see in about two weeks. This will allow a stronger assembly column-wise and a replaceable surface for the pistons. A tuning error and we replace a sleeve rather than replate the whole thing. We can also control the strength of the compression area of the motor by increasing the thickness in the top inch or so of the sleeve itself. As the piston reaches top dead center and is firing the material in it, be it gas or nitro, the chamber pressures rise rapidly. If you increase the thickness where these pressure rises occur, the cylinder will stay rounder and you can be better-assured of more effective ring sealing and less blow-by.

A CNC machining center would be great for this project, but the budget is about $135k short right now (and I don’t know how to run one). So a one hour job takes 7 to 8, depending upon how pretty you want it. It is known as “dials and wheels” machining and is how things were made before computers ran the earth.



The wire harness arrived today, and hopefully we will get enough information to allow its installation Saturday or Monday. An awful lot of wires. All the terminations need to be done impeccably and sealed against the atmosphere and salt. The hope is to be able to use this at Bonneville by just swapping the Motec ECU from one bike to the other, reset the maps and away we go. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, hopefully we will be able to make some noise in a week to a week and a half.

I also want to welcome our newest sponsors “Parts Blasters” here in Madison. They do a full line of abrasive material processing. Soda blasting, glass beading and various medias are used in a newly opened shop on Madison’s east side. For more information see http://www.partsblasters.com and ask for John or Ron. John is a long-time racing cohort and the owner of “Kermit” the bright green Kawasaki H2 we did the chassis on a number of years ago. John sold the bike to a new owner in England but is still a big racing fan. Thanks to you all and welcome!

Well, back to the back to do some more gnawing on the second cylinder assembly.

Stop on by and see the used bikes and we can all hope for spring together!


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