Heading into the New Year

Having a bit of quiet time this week has allowed the installation of the Haltech ECU system in the dragbike. The fuel tank and plenum are done and the computer bay was finished last night. Now for the wiring!

There's a bit of work to be done
There’s a bit of work to be done…
The ECU and relays

Now for the plumbing. There always seem to be more fluids to transfer than room for the hoses to do it. Between water, gasoline, and oil, the demand for room never ceases. These hoses also have to be accessible to service them in case of an issue. Routing a gas line near a hot exhaust takes special consideration in heat management and access to the front spark plug between the exhaust and the turbo oil return adds another dimension to the puzzle of access. Luckily we haven’t had to change plugs often, but in this case it will have to be done with a cooled-off exhaust and turbocharger.

The watercooling system
The watercooling system
Spark plug in between the turbo coil return and a very hot exhaust.
Spark plug in between the turbo coil return and a very hot exhaust.

More considerations for weight are needed as the turbo system is heavier than the nitro system by about 30 lbs. We are looking for every little thing to take weight off in an attempt to not put ourselves at more of a weight disadvantage than necessary. Bolts are being drilled and replaced with aluminum and Titanium (capitalized due to expense) and all aspects of the bike are being revisited with an eye to weight reduction. Strength needs to be considered, especially with the addition of 80 to 100 horsepower and that elusive beast called traction. Luckily the chassis we have designed seem to work better the more power they have put to them, so that end of things should be reasonably well-behaved.

finished fuel system
another aspect of the fuel system
A very visible fuel filter

It seems as soon as one thing is done two more pop up needing to be addressed. I was sure more stuff fit before, but evidently that was wishful thinking. Well, back to the shop.

We all wish you and yours a Happy New Year!

Don’t forget Saturday Jan. 25, 2104 at 10:00 for the show and tell – see you in the new year!


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