End of Year Updates

Holiday Cheer and all that jazz!

Well here we are again, pretty much a year from the start of this particular venture.  In that time we have made a lot of parts, gotten rained out, went quicker and faster at the dragstrip than anyone else with a Ducati in the US, decided that to be the first Ducati in the sevens we needed to go to a turbo format for the start of the season.  All the stuff we had thought would fit that we used before didn’t, so new manifold, throttle bodies, plenum, fuel tank battery box, etc. needed to be made.

We have decided to have a show-and-tell on Saturday January 25 from 10 til noon.  We will be going over the various changes, improvements and whatever has happened since fall and up until then.  We should have enough time to clean up any testing messes and look good.  After all, looking good is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

The addition of the ice intercooler to the long biker has added its own set of challenges when it comes to the ECU.  We needed to measure a third pressure in the intake system (exhaust back pressure, one at the inlet of the intercooler, and one in the plenum).  This was needed to determine the efficiency of the intercooler when it came to pressure losses across it.  Two to four PSI is acceptable, but more is cause for concern.  We also needed to measure the temperature drop to verify the thermal efficiency of the unit as well.  Dave Dahlgren, from Engine Management Systems out in Mystic Conneticut has been helping with the sorting and tuning mentioned the addition of dry ice just before the run, but emphasized venting the tank to preclude the pressurization and subsequent explosion due to the dry ice producing CO2 gas when sublimating.  Also the discreet venting of the tank so as to not have the vapors looking like smoke on the starting line is helpful, too.  Helpful hints from those going before.

Once we get the channels of the Motec reading equivalent baseline pressures we will be ready for the dyno, hopefully Jan. 2 or so.

Arnie Heller is getting his turbo nitrous dragbike project back underway after a multi-year hiatus and welding on that has occupied some time.  Some of the techniques learned at the PRI Show we attended at Indy earlier this month came in handy and we hope to have him buttoned up by Jan 7.  Arnie is famous for making power and his tuning and Steve Suter riding yielded the 219 mph pass we are using as a goal to beat for local “fastest” bragging rights.  This combination should make even more power.  Stand back!

photos from the PRI show
photos from the PRI show
Photos from the PRI show
Photos from the PRI show
You are invited:

Saturday, Jan. 25 at 10 a.m.
Motorcycle Performance
5205 University Ave.
Tour to show off the bikes and changes that are in progress so far.
Let us know if you can make it (via phone or email) so we can make sure we have enough room.
We are looking for 15 to 25 inquiring minds – hope to see you there!

Well, back to the back room to start the welding up of the gas tank for the dragbike.

All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

Stay warm!



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