Winter Intercooling

In the search for more power at a dependable level (almost three times the original factory supplied output) we have looked to intercooling the intake.

Intercooling is the process of reducing the intake charge temperature which increases the density of the charge. This makes more power and reduces the tendency to detonate.  Two avenues can be used, one being the spraying of a methanol/water combination in the intake (or a nitrous oxide mix) or running the intake charge through a radiator cooled by air or water.  The first method is more applicable to drag racing, where short durations of power allow the use of the liquids without fear of running out, although the tuner cars like the methanol approach.

For extended duration use, the intercooler offers a bit flatter response curve.  Air to air is simpler, but not as effective in temperature reduction.  An air to air can be enhanced by spraying liquid on it, but the presence of liquids in the cockpit of the bike just isn’t what I was hoping for, so we will explore the water to air route.  This is enhanced by the addition of ice water to further reduce the temperature of the intake charge.  This is found to be more acceptable in drag racing circles, as it is extremely effective, at least until the ice melts.  The ice water tank also can pass as a very effective beverage cooler on those hot, sunny days.

There are a few photos of the intercooler installed and we plan testing the week of December 9.  So stay tuned.



We also want to welcome two new sponsors for 2014, Mike Dean and his wife Jane.  I have known Mike for over 40 years and started my motorcycle mechanic career along side him at the old Klein-Dickert Honda here in Madison.  I am proud he has the confidence in our program to make that contribution.  But then again, maybe he is in need of additional entertainment after his recent retirement as an A level Auto Technician.  Our second sponsor will need to remain anonymous until after the holidays as his sponsorship was gifted to him by a very thoughtful gift-giver.

There are a few other shots of the dragbike.  Those among you wondering why the funny exhaust will be entertained to learn that a new goal is in sight.  We are hoping to be the first Ducati to run in the 7 second range at the dragstrip.  The nitro could possibly make the power, but the controllability of the turbo combination and the reduced time shifting between gears will hopefully give us that little bit of an edge.  We are making another set of throttle bodies like on the Land Speed turbo and hopefully will see the 300 horsepower this fuel system got us before.  Have no fear, this bike is going to be converted back to a nitromethane format for Bonneville.  This little chassis is really getting a workout!


Thank you for your interest and all the best to you all this holiday season!

One other thought: if there is interest we will have a “Tour Day” once a month on a Saturday morning to show off what we have been up to on the bikes.  This would be from December through March, as then we are back to the workaday world of motorcycle service for our customers.  Send us an email if you are interested.  It will be about an hour of “show and tell”.



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