Slimey Crud – Fall 2013

Thanks to all who stopped by at the Pine Bluff Slimey Crud gathering!  It was great to be able to thank sponsors in person and get the chance to get their photos by their names.  The turbo will be at the shop intact for about a week and a half before we start the update/modifications for 2014.  It never seems to end!  Just when I thought there might be an off-season, along come some bright ideas and I know just the people to implement them.  So come in between October 21 and October 30th.

We will be going to Byron Dragway as the website says- Saturday October 19 to do a final test date with both bikes.  The fueler will have the most aggressive, biggest motor we have made to date and the turbo will be there to test the new bodywork and generally get a feel for what it is like looking through the porthole.  I don’t expect speeds over 150mph on the red bike, but it will give a feel for what the basics feel like, and show any patent flaws in the systems.  It may be a trick getting them lit with the overnight lows expected to be in the 30’s.

Hopefully the weather will be cooperative and we will be able to post some interesting photos and video.




SCfall2011_6 SCfall2011_5 SCfall2011_4 SCfall2011_3 SCfall2011_2

As always, thank you to the sponsors in our grass-roots funding effort – your support is much appreciated!

Thank you to Gary Ilminen for sending this photo of the bikes at Slimey Crud!



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