Saltus Interruptus

For Immediate Release:
Saltus Interruptus strikes.
The dreaded plague of the disease saltus interruptus has struck the racing community.  We were informed of the infestation Wednesday afternoon, September 24, at 3 p.m.  I’m afraid the quarantine in effect precludes any contact with the Bonneville Salt Flats at this time.  This quarantine will remain in effect until mid-2014, when the condition of the patient will be evaluated and a determination made as to the health and ability to mingle with the general population.  Please stay tuned for further advisories, or check the SCTA-BNI website
Thank you,
your Salt Assault Crew
We will just roll over all the fundraising until next year, so it’ll just be a little longer until we test the new bodywork… disappointing, yes, but we just keep looking ahead!
At least they could determine it was rained out before we were already there! No sponsor money wasted on gas! (Remember 2011?)
Photo by Kyle Bolstad:

BUT – you can come see the bike when it is officially unveiled at the Slimey Crud Run – Pine Bluff on October 6!


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