A brief update on Bonneville 2007

A brief update on Bonneville 2007 field trip

Due to unforeseen circumstances our Bonneville expedition has been delayed until the SCTA World Finals October 3-6.

The motel we made reservations at in January burned down in February.  We were assured that being rebuilt by August was “no problem”.  Well, in July we get phone call that due to construction delays there will be no accommodations at that motel for Speed Week in August.  The next closest accommodations were 3 to 3 1/2 hours away.

This moves us to the World Finals event that is held at Bonneville as well.

Our thanks to the SCTA staff for their help in making this possible.

Construction on the bike has been progressing, but of course not at the rate anticipated.  Making nearly all the components of every major system is a very time consuming process, especially if they are expected to work!  The space allotted for the different components seems to have visibly diminished and having the luxury of non-layered system access is becoming more and more challenging.

All in all we are close to start-up and testing is now a definite possibility in the foreseeable future!

August 8, 2007 update:

Well it runs!  It started so quickly that all we did was look at each other dumbfoundedly  and quickly recover to keep it running and watch the oil pressure gauge.  What was initially thought to be a lean idle condition turned out to be a too-rich mixture and after a closer approximation of the correct pilot jet was installed we discovered the backfire capabilities of the system.  Evidently the too rich condition left a noticeable amount of gasoline in the turbocharger and the long intake tract caused a lean backfire that blew the carburetor completely off the turbo inlet with enough force to make a noticeable mark in the fork tube.  It was just like pushing the button on a detonator when we went to start it up that time.  Lesson learned.  After a bit, things settled down and now starting is not the adventure it was then.  Soon its out to the driveway dyno for the project to see if the chain flies off when wheel speed gets to over 170mph.  Stay tuned, it should be exciting!

Meanwhile the slog continues with the deadline only 6 weeks away.




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